Homemade Natural Sugar Scrub Body Peeling

Have you ever wondered how to make a natural body peeling? I have, and after a bid of research and trial-error attempts I got the ingredients amd ratio that works well for me.

What do you need:

  • Plastic container (don’t use glass as you are going to use this peeling in the shower)
  • Organic virgin coconut oil
  • Organic coarse cane sugar
  • Organic essential oils of your choice
  • Love, patience and fun

Use 3 parts coconut oil to 2 parts sugar. Let the coconut oil become soft (put it in the sun or slightly heat it in a water bath) but make sure it doesn’t become liquid!! Now mix the sugar and your essential oils in and blend until you get a homogenus mixture. Put the soft mixture in your plastic container and store it in the shower for frequent use…

Depending on your climate the peeling might become softer or harder. No matter what, once in contact with hot water the coconut oil will melt leaving you with a oily sugar mix, perfect for a nourishing peeling. I use about half a handful of peeling for a whole body scrub.

P.S: I used rosemary and bergamot essential oils, about 5-10 drops each for a container of ca. 125ml. I use doTerra essential oils, as they are food- and hence body-safe and organic. If you are interested to order doTerra essential oils, let me know and I can refer you.

I also made a blend with cedar wood, which can only be applied to the skin if dilluted. Hence I used not more than 5 drops in total for the same size container.

sugar natural body peeling.jpg