2014: The best New Years Resolution you can ever read

I’ve been thinking, if I was elected to give a new Years resolution to the people of Cork, what would I say? If everybody actually would open their heart and hear my words – what is it, that I would like you all to feel? What is it, that I deeply believe is the best motivation, the strongest inspiration, the happiest guidance for 2014? Would I tell you to become a vegan? Because I believe veganism is the solution to all our economic problems? Would I tell you to stop taking chemical drugs? Because I believe giving away the responsibility for your health to a bunch of scientists is weak, lazy and stupid? Would I tell you to stop drinking alcohol because it is highly adictive, poisoning and destroys the beauty of your raw, true self? Would I tell you to stop following a religion because I believe it makes you a slave of a false reality? No. I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t because these are advises that only one person on earth should ever hear and that person is not you. It’s me. I am the only person that should hear and follow my own believes. As they make me overcome my confrontations in this life and lead my heart to this happy place where it is right now. It’s what I believe is good for ME, it’s my learning path, it’s where I am at the moment and it’s my personal guidance to live a happy life that gives me the strength to be able to share my happiness with you. A happiness that makes me able to shine my light every day, some days strong, some days weaker beacause it’s covered in clouds. I am on my path to free myself from strings that I have put on myself since birth – just like you are on your path. I follow my believes and I believe – you should follow yours. A belief that comes from the heart, from your true heart, is a path leading to your happiness, to your peace and joy. So – what would I tell a crowd of eager Corkians that have their heart open to hear my new Years resolution? What would I say... I would tell you, that you were great this year. I would tell you, that all of us have accomplished so much. We went through struggles. Through fights, through tears. Throug highs and lows. We went through them. Maybe, some of us didn’t make it through this year, maybe we’ve lost someone this year – but be sure, they made it last year. We have to start to see the true beauty of what we achieved. It doesn’t matter how much or less money you made. It doesn’t matter what you bought, what marks you achieved, how much work you did. All these things are material matters and do not count in your heart. But it does matter how many struggles you had. It does matter, how many confrontations you went through. It does matter, how much of the dark side of life you were willing to see and work through. It’s a false belief that life is only nice and shiny. It’s a blind belief, only positive moments are what you should live. Life is balance. Yin and Yang. Black and White. It’s the negative aspects that help you grow. When you don’t smile, that’s when you learn. And life is a life-long school. We have to realise, every day when we get up, whether we like it or not – we are in school. We get many many tasks every day, we get tasks, we have solutions, we get tested and we get new tasks. Tasks don’t come with sunshine. They come with a thunderstorm. Or with a light rain at least.

If I was to give a new Years resolution, an advise for a happy 2014 - I would ask you to sit back for a few minutes and feel what you’ve achieved. See all the tears and sorrows that you have solved. See the struggles and fears that are still here – these are the tasks for next year. It’s what you are about to learn, it’s what you are about to grow out of. Life is beautiful, strong and unforgiveable. The moment we start to believe in ourselves, to believe in our strength to overcome every down, every thunder, every rain, this moment is the moment your heart and your mind are aligned again. Feel what you’ve achieved. Feel it and tap yourself on your shoulder. You do know, you’ve gone through a lot and hey – you’re still standing. In case you think you’re lying on the floor – get up there – you’ve been on the floor before, you made it back up and so it will be this time, too. You know how to stand up – face your fears and the smile of your heart will be stronger than anything else.

*published in Cork Now, December 2013, Ireland

Sonia Sarina Birrer