A prayer to Syria

Dear God, I would like to say a Prayer.

But first I would like to Thank You for my Life. I often think poorly of my life, I sometimes wish to believe my soul made a mistake when it chose its destiny – September 20th 1984, Switzerland.

Yet I sit here and read about millions of people from Syria feeling their country, not so far from here actually, fleeing war and terror, walking into a unknown future. I cry for their suffering and I know I chose a good destination this time around, I should never ever complain again.

I often dream what they are possibly going through right now. I can imagine I have been on that journey many times myself. I often wake up biting my teeth from terror, from nightmares of having to flee, of being searched for, being innocent but in danger. I hear people screaming in terror, I hear people getting raped, animals being abused. I don’t often read the news – I can’t bear the horror. I have it already in my dreams.

Dear God, help us stop this horror. For lifetimes we have been killing each other and the planet. Will it ever stop?

Dear God, help us not being afraid of those being hunted. These people are innocent. Dear God, send some love and hope to those on the road, sleeping in the cold outside.

Dear God, Thank You for my life. What can I do to help? I sit in a warm house. I don’t have money to share (I really don’t and you know). I have my words. They don’t help. I have my hands – they are stuck here in an office job. What is it, that each one of us can do, Dear God?

I send a prayer out to this world. So we may love instead of fear. So we may think instead of dismiss. So we walk in grace and peace.

Sonia Sarina Birrer