A Spiritual Life

How can we create a life, where we live present in each moment? How can we create the connection with our soul and live a spiritual life? ...What is a spiritual life?... ✨ It is a life rooted in our essence.


How can we create a ritual/habitude around cultivating the connection to our essence?


First we need to feel our essence and connect with it. From there we can add practices into our daily lives that reconnect us at any given moment with our essence.


Why should we live from our essence?

  • We are immensely powerful in our essence.

  • We manifest and create from our essence without boundaries - we are on our soul’s evolutionary path in our essence.

  • We grow and heal in our essence.

  • We give back to the world in our essence.

  • We are guided in our essence.

  • We are clear and see our life’s vision in our essence.

Sonia Sarina Birrer