The terror of living on planet earth

Every time I bring into consciousness what is happening outside my lovely warm home... I cry. I sit here and I ask what I can do. I think of the whole world. I think of what a little money that I can donate may change. I am aware of the power-hungry and the money-hungry. I know that a little change on the outside does not solve any problem. I see the connection of the whole issue... I can’t put it in words.

It goes deeper. Deep into the human consciousness. The change has to happen there. Has it? I can only imagine that an awakening of the human consciousness worldwide will change this horror. Hence, I guess, what I can do, is take care of my own consciousness, which includes compassion and service to anybody around me.

To take care of my peace and happiness. To really care about those around me. To really be compassionate even with those like me who have been lucky, born in a safe, rich country. I often find it difficult to take care of myself, I feel I have no right to be happy when the rest of the world is in terror. I find it also difficult to be compassionate for fellow Swiss or other first world country people who seem to have problems that really do not matter, do not threaten their existence, are made up in our heads only. Yet. We are also a part of this world, a part of the whole of human consciousness. And since we are all connected, once we have reached the critical mass the energy should be sooo strong, that it actually just takes over the rest with peace and love.

Apart from making conscious choices every day with for example how I spend my money – which products do I support and which do I „starve“? Do I buy the conventional eggs supporting the suffering of chickens or do I not buy any eggs at all? Do I buy a litre of milk or a litre of organic rice milk? I can make small choices every single day to direct the course of the whole of humanity. Every single day we can all make small changes on the level of well-being of the planet. And please remember – as long as the animals are suffering, we are suffering. As long as we think it is ok to kill animals so we can eat it, so long we will kill humans. There is no excuse for killing another being. Absolutely none.

Breathe. Sit. Be Conscious. Aware. Slow. Silent. Pray. Together we may make peace happen one day. One day before our world gets shaken up again and we all disappear. I think, that is it, what we are looking for – that paradise on earth – when we live all in peace. I hope one day I am born in peace. World peace, no more killing. Just compassion and love.

Sonia Sarina Birrer