How do I Coach you?


I am here to hold the space for you to express yourself. I take care of this sacred creation, this healing process that unfolds when one has the permission and space to freely express. I let you talk. Explore. Analyse. Reflect for yourself while talking to me, what you are learning. What you are working on. What has been hurtful. What has been joyful and supportive. Where you want to go next. How you want to progress. 

I listen with no judgement. About 3/4 of every session, is your time to freely express.


Reflecting back is a coaching technique, that simply mirrors back to you, what you have said. Most times, we already unconsciously know our solutions, our next steps and we actually speak them out loud. I have a good feeling to catch you, when you know your truth but you are not completely aware of it yet. You are talking about it, yet you have not integrated it. I have had previous clients reply to me: "Did I really say this?!" And my answer always was "yes, 100%, I took notes...". Reflecting back is very powerful and it only works with those, that are able to hold the sacred space and really listen. This also means, it is only available for those, that freely speak and explore. I can only reflect back to you, what you shared with me. Sometimes, I incorporate self-inquiry instead of reflecting back - this happens in the cases, when we are able to go deeper, to dig and unfold a yet unknown truth.


The last part sounds simple but it is much more than that. To have someone that holds you accountable means, whatever you speak out that you want to do for yourself - I will remind you. It is again a non-judgemental space - whatever you don't reach is fine as long as you have your why's and how's to go further. I am here to be your best friend, your strong back, your caring support. Yet - you lead! You decide how much and how you like your accountability. Do you want every day messages? Or is the weekly check-in enough for you? What do you need, to progress in your journey?

Let me tell you - you and only you know what you need. I respect your wisdom more than anything else.
I am only here to support you to further find your truth, to feel and live an empowered, joyful life.

This might all sound very theoretical -but- it is not! We will implement down-to-earth practices into your everyday life. We start, where you need it. We might look at your health, your nutrition, your creative fulfilment, your joy. But all of this, is super individual and defined with every single client specific to her / his needs.

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