Miso Soup with Irish Seaweed and homemade Sprouts

Sometimes it just has to be a quick dinner… Miso Soup is THE perfect healthy solution. “Miso” is a Japanese soya bean paste, which is fermented using traditional methods. I use “Sanchi Genmai Miso”. The seaweed is straight from the Irish coast, I bought it in Ireland about 8 month ago!! For all you fish lovers and ex-fish lovers – seaweed brings the taste of the ocean back onto your plate. It is a great staple food as it can hardly go bad, even once it is opened. The sprouts add the little extra, that makes this soup so unique. You can read about how to sprout on my previous blog: Why you should be starting to grow your own sprouts right now

miso soup with sprouts.jpg


  • 1 cup warmed water (no longer boiling!)
  • 1 tbsp Miso paste
  • “dillisk” seaweed
  • homemade sprouts
  • and a lot of Love

Gently whisk all ingrediens, add more Miso paste or seaweed until your level of saltiness is reached. Enjoy…