Past Retreats


Nutrition for Body & Soul - Schweibenalp | Switzerland - August 2019


Conversations with your soul through self-inquiry, group sharing and meditation and raw food cooking classes were the focus of this weekend. I organised together with Parisian raw food chef Alice Vanhoye a weekend at the permaculture and spiritual center of unity Schweibenalp in Brienz, Switzerland. This first ever unique combination of working with nurturing the body and the soul was a full success. The combination of self-inquiry, hypnotic meditaition and hands on cooking workshops created a balanced experience. We were a lovely group of 6 and enjoyed a weekend of organic food, quiet nights and deepening conversations. I facilitated the conversations with your soul workshops and guided the hypnotic meditations. Alice gave her lively cooking classes with the finale of a full course raw food vegan dinner cooked by the participants. This weekend was too short and we all wanted to stay longer in the magical space of Schweibenalp, the fresh air, the power of connecting through group sharing in open and honest communications and the beautiful, colourful, super tasty food.


Yoga & Detox Retreat - Val d’Hérens | Switzerland - April 2019


Take time for yourself. Rejuvenate your soul and spirit. Reconnect with nature and your roots. I offered this weekend at Anakolodge in Valais, Switzerland together with yoga teacher Sandra Vermette, in beautiful renovated old mountain huts with hot tubs outside and a fantastic view over the Swiss mountains. I facilitated a herbal detox tea workshop and a second workshop how to make your own juices and smoothies. For this isoated place, I also took the role of the cook and made sure we all had healthy meals throughout the weekend. Sandra guided the group with deepening yoga. We had a lovely group of 10 women that left this experience happier than they thought was possible. Sandra and I were touched by the amazing reviews we got for this weekend. The energy in the group was specially deep and connecting. The retreat was held in French and the location and administration of the bookings were organised by weekngo.


Wellness Reconnect Retreat - Les Plans | Switzerland - March 2018


A far up mountain village. The most beautiful yoga room one can imagine. The last snow for the season… We spent a rejuvenating weekend at Riversong in Les Plans, Switzerland, with amazing food, vegan cooking classes, deepening yoga and easy snow hikes. The lovely group of 6 people enjoyed the hands-on workshops and the challenging and connecting yoga classes. I organised this retreat with two yoga teachers, Charline Sanchez and Sandra Vermette, who each gave one class. I took the role of the organiser as well as the cook and facilitated the vegan cooking classes. An unforgettable experience with good weather and fresh mountain air. We were a mixed group of mainly women with one brave man, that enjoyed the program just as much as the female participants. The aim of this retreat was reconnection with nature and with oneself through yoga and the power of nutrition.