"I would describe Sonia as very professional, well trained in her field, sensitive and supporting. I would recommend her to everyone who wants a professional coach."

— Simone B. | 2017


"Sonia hat ein umfangreiches Wissen und nimmt die Person wie sie ist. Sie kann super motiveren und loben, so dass man merkt, dass man doch etwas erreicht hat, obwohl es einem selber manchmal nicht bewusst ist."

—zoe s* | 2017

*name changed


"Sonia ist eine gute Zuhörerin und kann sich mit ihrer Empathie gut in die Situation ihrer Kunden hineinversetzen und mit ihren wertvollen Tipps und Anregungen diese zu Wachstum und Entwicklung transformieren."

— Simon h. | 2018




Questions + Interview avec Sonia Sarina | Jan. 2019

Une vidéo réalisée par Gwennoline dans le cadre du 19e Salon du mieux-vivre de Fribourg 2018 sur le thème "Home sweet home"

S'éveiller à l'Amour, renaître à son soi, avec Coco, Audrey, Esther, Sonia et Gwennoline. A l'aube de 2019, nous sommes tous invités à nous relier à notre cœur, qui est à l'origine même de notre existence, le portail qui nous relie à notre âme, (à tous) nos sens, qui vont bien au-delà des 5 sens que nous connaissons et qui nous relie avec tout ce qui est | Dec. 2018


Interview with Stephanie Ayres from Soul Full Design

12/2014 | Branding development

How did you come develop a service for personal development?

I have the very strong urge to bring what I do daily in alignment with what I feel inside. 

Was it a personal journey that led you to want to provide the same answers for someone else? If yes, what was your journey?

Yes, it was a personal journey. For the last 30 years I have come from a connected place and got lost into division, got conditioned like everybody else through culture, society and upbringing. I have at some stage around my teenage years started to discover my inner light that had never completely stopped shining, my strength, my very own truth and since then felt like on a one-way journey where there was no way back – honesty took over and fears started dissolving into nothing. I am still in that process, feeling empowered and keeping the sacred power I have discovered lit within me. I work on keeping this sacred power lit and translate it into a work that benefits all beings. The journey I took is the only journey I can share, it is the experience from my own journey that I can translate into words, actions, guidance for anyone else for their very own path, their own journey. There is no one and only right way, there is only your own way. Our brains are so amazing and we can learn and accelerate our growth just by understanding someone else’s journey. My approach could be called "transpersonal", I look behind our manifestation always in search of understanding events that take place in the here and now.

What is the aim of your website and service and how can it support people/the environment?

The aim is to be a helping hand for everybody who wants to  reconnect with their own self in order to live a life aligned with their inner truth, to live their very own path. I often feel/see a disconnection of the person with the soul and a search for exactly that connection. A reconnection is life changing and empowering and enables the soul to shine through and live its full potential.

 Anyone living a connected life is a huge gift for the world and all its beings. I believe the human nature is compassionate, loving, joyful. The more we are connected and able to feel that inner freedom and peace, the less we harm our environment, the more we understand the connection of all that is and are living a life that benefits all beings on this earth.

Who would you like to work with or provide services/products for? 

Everyone who wants to make that connection, who is looking for a small or a big change, who feels drawn to spirituality and wants to take full responsibility for their own and the world’s well-being. I sepcially aim on helping other independent thinkers that want to run their own business but might not have the essential business background to translate their gifts into our (sadly) money driven world.

 What are the core values of your service?

Honesty. Grace. Compassion.

How do you provide this core values?

Through providing questions and guidance for a honest self-inquiry. Self-inquiry starts with honesty and ends with nothing but honesty. A place of honesty is a place without belief systems, it is a place of vulnerability and strength at the same time, it is a place, where we can act from our hearts, with compassion and joy. It is the place where we know who we are, without defining ourselves. It is the place, where we can’t be anything anymore but honest. And it starts with striping away layer after layer of thought patterns and behaviour patterns that we had to learn in order to survive until now.

What are your very personal core values? What do you want to uphold and create in your life?

Honesty again. Equality & Gratitude.

How do you bring these values into your business?

By creating my own independent business. As I am being honest with myself there is simple nothing else I can do right now but offering my experience with the world.

Equality – that is something I live everyday and it means, that everyone and everything has the same rights and I am honest with everyone on the same level, no matter what their position or their relation to me is.

And Gratitude – again in every moment there lies a huge gift, the present. Gratitude for what we have, gratitude for the life we are given is one of the most empowering feelings I know of.

What would you love to do with your business in the future, how could you grow and help others even more if money and restrictions weren't an issue?

Oh there is so many things I could think of! But mainly I would love to be available 100% to do coachings for independent creative thinking people, that believe in a society, where everybody is equal and where not money but personal development and hence the development, freedom and peace of the whole are the core values and aims. I can totally see collaborations with other free thinking spirits, sharing their knowledge on one platform, empowering people from all around the globe, all ages, all professions, to truly live themselves. In my wildest dreams I see society as a whole shift, while I am still alive, I see a shift in focus towards the metaphysical human. To be part of this shift would be enough for me to Say Goodbye to this world with a light and joyful heart.

I know of people working intensely on a community model that will run completely independent and free - its close to its public presentation and I could imagine myself playing a little role in adapting this model in Europe or at least spreading it with the help of others of course. My main focus is on the individual human, I believe in a change that starts within but I also see the need for a more wide, global change, for a change of the whole looking at the whole from the perspective of the observer. And those people I am talking about, are doing exactly this, they are changing the roots of the society as a whole. The way we look at economy will never be the same again if this model is successfully navigated. I can't wait. I do believe there is a major shift happening and I am excited to see it unfold.



Article in the 7sky life mag, issue 95 | May 2015 | GERMAN


Change of Perspective

Article in the 7sky life mag, issue 95 | May 2015 | FRENCH