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Everything we ever need to know, is already in us.

I was born in 1984 in Nidwalden, a small canton in the middle of Switzerland. I had the chance to grow up in the middle of nature, with 3 sibblings and a ton of domestic animals. My mother raised us with herbal and other alternative medicine and cooked meals for us from our own vegetable garden. Already as a small child my parents brought me to the mountains to hike, pick wild flowers and medicinal herbs and of course - ski and later snowboard.

It took me a while to realise how lucky I was. And it took me another while to realise that this was not “the norm”. I went through my teenage years like any other teenager and had a pretty normal “boring” early adult life, went to university and studied business administration, got my first job. And then somehow life really started. And I went my way. Found myself at 28 in Ireland running an organic tea shop. Back in Switzerland in 2015 after a short stop in Portugal, I settled in a tiny mountain village in the very West of Switzerland, growing our own food and you guessed it - surrounded with a ton of domestic animals. Though that wasn’t intentional, apart from my dog I was ready to let go and no longer “aquire” any other animals, but they just keep coming.


Today I am working self-employed with private clients as a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. My passion is to make that connection with what we already know, that inner guide, that is just waiting to be heard. I organise retreats with various themes with the aim of reconnection and I support the superfood brand Iswari in sales and marketing in Switzerland.

My love has always been for a simple, authentic, connected life. Compassion, a plant-based lifestyle, off-grid living (not quite possible in Switzerland), self-sustainability and empowerment, are some of my core motivations to show up and do what I do, every single day.