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The Reconnection Method


What do I offer as a Transpersonal Development Coach?

In my coaching programs I use Integrative Health and Nutrition Coaching, Intuitive Listening and Self-inquiry. All process-oriented tools, which are based on the interconnection of all areas of your daily life as well as the connection of body-mind-spirit as one entity. By working on one specific area of your life, everything else is influenced and healing can take its way on all levels of your being. As part of my coachings, we analyse your goals and we work our way through your most pressing symptoms to achieve profound and sustainable change.

As a reconnect coach I don’t have the answers for you. I guide you to reveal your very own inner wisdom and solutions and help you to awaken your power of self-healing. My aim is to support you in your evolutionary process with my full presence and non-judgemental guidance.


My Services

6-month original program

Focus on Spirituality, Health & Nutrition.

An approach that allows you to be you, to follow your inner guide and to bring forth what is hidden inside.

This program is for those of you, who are looking for a very practical, hands-on approach. It can start with a get-to-know weekend in our mongolian yurt in Switzerland and continues with a live one-on-one skype session every 2nd week during 6 month.

Focus of this journey is finding a spiritual practice according to your souls journey, cleanse and detox through nutrition and herbal teas and incorporate healthy habits into your daily lifestyle.

6-month transpersonal program

Transpersonal Astrology Consultation & Follow up Coaching.

A wake-up call to the purpose of your life with a powerful 6-month follow up to keep your course.

The transpersonal version of the 6-month journey starts with a powerful transpersonal astrological consultation with transpersonal evolutionary astrologer Eric Meyers. Eric will provide you with the blueprint of your souls journey. What is the karma you took with you into this lifetime? Where is your energetic point of resolution? What are your gifts and challenges moving forward?

After this initial “wake-up call”, we will define concrete goals for the next six month and work together on reaching them. We speak every 2 weeks on a one-on-one live skype session.


momentum session

Get the push you need to move forward with your life!

Get the inspiration you need in this momen to move forward on your inspired journey.

Sometimes we are already very invested in our personal development journey and don’t really need a coach during 3 or 6 month. However, we do feel stuck at this very moment and are looking for a sparc, for a push, for a momentum to move forward.

This session is for everyone who is looking for that little extra to reach their goals or resolve a life question.

discovery session

Your free introduction session.

You are wondering whether coaching is for you or not?

This free 30 minutes session aims to get to know you, your needs and expectations and understand, how coaching might benefit you. You can get a discovery session for any of my services.



"Sonia was able to help me work towards my goals by supporting me in a very loving, gentle and caring way."

- Simone b.



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