I have always been a seeker. Curious about what lies beneath the surface. Curious about the flow of the river, the dance of the leaves on a tree, the fading in and out of the clouds in the sky.

Highly empathic, I could always feel nature, animals and other people - as if it was me. And in some way, today I know - everything is me.

My journey brought me on many different professional paths, all of them promising and interesting. Quitting one job after the other, what was left was my love for the people I shared those times with. Many years later, I found myself struggling to sustain my life financially. I was left with a sense of very deep purpose and mission and no way to go back. No way to go back into a structure that allows me to become rich on the outside but die on the inside. A structure, that asks me to let go of my moral beliefs and values. A structure, that promises financial security if I follow the rules and also promises to lock me in forever, in conditioning and judgement. Those rules, I can no longer follow. The only rule there is, is the rule of my heart - to love. Deeply love.

I focus on sharing my spiritual purpose with those incarnated at this very same moment. I focus on understanding, on curiosity and acceptance. I focus on guidance from within, on empowering what has always been there and what works within each of us to reduce suffering and to keep evolving on our spiritual journey.